Personalized Custom Song | The Perfect Gift | By Julie Kaylin

Personalized, Custom Songs

Do you want to give an amazing, personalized gift for Mother’s Day, an anniversary, birthday, wedding, or other special occasion? Or do you just want the perfect gift to tell someone how much you love them any time of year? Give the gift of a personalized, custom song – a song that’s as unique and special as your loved one!

I’m Julie Kaylin, a full-time singer/songwriter, voice artist, and happiness enthusiast who is often called “the voice of happiness.” My voice has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world, and I’ve received various songwriting awards. I love using my talents to help make your day shine. And I’m passionate about creating extraordinary, heartfelt custom songs that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

Read below to see how it works, and please contact me at if you have any questions. I look forward to telling your unique story in a custom song!

How it Works

I will write and record a personalized, custom song, with vocals and acoustic guitar, tailored specifically for your loved one. This custom song will feature lyrics inspired by special memories of your loved one, which you share with me. Here’s the process.

Place your order by clicking the “Order Now” button below. Enter your coupon code if you have one, and apply it. Then complete your order using any major credit card or PayPal.

Next, simply email me at with details on who the song is for, what occasion the song is for, some special memories you have with that person, and how they make you feel. After that, I craft the melody and lyrics of the song to include those unforgettable stories and treasured memories that you send me.

Within one week of me receiving that email from you, I will email you your recorded custom song in both mp3 and wav formats. Then you send the beautiful custom song to your loved one while you sit back and enjoy their smiles!

Custom Song Sample

Here is a sample from a song I wrote, with a moving, uplifting chorus that delights and inspires.

The lyrics “you gave me life, you gave me love” in the context of this chorus can be interpreted either literally or figuratively. So it’s a perfect fit for a parent who literally gave you life. Likewise, it’s also sure to enchant any other special someone who fills your soul with life.

Do you love the chorus sample above so much that you want me to include it in your own custom song? That’s no problem at all! In that case, I personalize the verses of the song to highlight the magical moments with your loved one. Then that chorus is nestled among your custom verses.

Or would you rather have an all new song with all new lyrics? That’s no problem either! If you prefer, I can write your custom song with an all new melody with all new personalized lyrics.

Julie Kaylin wearing leather jacket and pearls with guitar, singing a custom song

Custom Song Pricing

I currently charge $200 per custom song. I also often run specials and give away coupon codes. If you have a coupon code, enter and apply it after clicking on the “Order Now” button.

If you don’t yet have a coupon code, contact me at to see what specials I’m currently offering. Also sign up for my free e-newsletter at to be notified when I run future specials and give away future coupon codes.

If you live outside the U.S. but you still want to order from me and pay in a foreign currency, that’s no problem either. Contact me directly at so that we can make those payment arrangements.

Personal Use License

With your purchase, you are granted a personal use license of the custom song for all time, while Julie Kaylin retains the copyright for the song.

A personal use license means that you are free to use and share the song however you wish for your own personal use. Or if you are a business or event/wedding planner purchasing the custom song, you can purchase it for your client’s personal use or for your employees’ personal use. But other than that, you cannot use the song for commercial purposes. And you cannot earn money from the song in any way.

With a personal use license, you are allowed to…

  • share the song through your personal social media accounts (say on a Facebook post or in a Facebook video on your personal Facebook profile)
  • share the song through emails to your family and friends
  • play the song at weddings, parties, or other get-togethers with your family and friends
  • give burned CDs of the song to your family and friends for them to enjoy for their own personal use

With a personal use license, you cannot monetize the song in any way. So you cannot upload the song to streaming platforms, sell it, or license it to a film. Instead, enjoy the song among you, your friends, family, and loved ones, for your own personal use, forever!

family birthday party - you can enjoy a custom song here!

Affiliates / Brand Ambassadors

Would you like to spread the word about my personalized song creation service to your friends and family? And would you also like to get paid a generous commission whenever one of them purchases a custom song from me? You can by becoming one of my affiliates/brand ambassadors!

Here’s how it works. Simply contact me at and tell me that you’re interested in becoming one of my affiliates/brand ambassadors. Next I will give you a unique coupon code which you can share with your friends and family, through social media for instance. Then each time someone orders from me using your unique coupon code, I’ll pay you a generous commission in appreciation for you promoting my personalized songs! I’ll even send you ready-made images containing your unique coupon code that you can post on social media. This makes the process super easy for you.

And for all of you tech-savvy affiliate marketers out there who prefer more flexibility and control, I’ve got you covered. I can provide you with your very own affiliate link and affiliate dashboard. There you can track your clicks and create custom buttons which you can post on your own websites or promote to your email subscribers. Please contact me at for more details about that. I look forward to partnering with you and sharing the joy of personalized music with your friends and fans!